Assessment or Training?

On passing the 1-day Train the Assessors course, delegates will be able to assess and decide if an operator is competent to use a Cut-Off Saw. From the course, delegates will be aware of whether an operator has the correct equipment and shows awareness of the techniques necessary to use the Cut-off saw correctly and safely.
The two 2-day Cut Off Saw Train the Trainer Courses for qualified trainers is for trainers who meet the qualification criteria required by the NOCN to deliver the NOCN Operator Training Course. Trainers passing this two day course will receive course data accredited by the NOCN for delivery across the industry.

1 day Cut-off Saw Train the Assessor for H&S Managers and Site Managers


2 day Cut-off Saw Train the Trainer

for Qualified Trainers


This course is for delegates who plan to assess cut-off saw operators in the workplace. You will gain knowledge of all the relevant practices required to assess and advise cut-off saw users on the safe use of the machines on-site. This course will also identify standards and methods that could be adopted as corporate standards.

All Course Content includes:
  • Health and Safey click here…

  • Abrasive wheel and diamond blade training

  • Cut Off Saw pre-user checks

  • Practical training on setting up and preparing to use a Cut-Off Saw

  • Practical training on techniques when using a Cut-Off Saw

  • Things to do and things to avoid when using a Cut-Off Saw

  • Practical help from manufacturers

  • The Use of Accessories, Battery Cut-Off Saw and the STIHL TS440


This course is for delegates with professional training qualifications who intend to deliver accredited Operator Training. You will need to have the personal training qualifications required from the training organisation whose course you are delivering. 


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