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To deliver the NOCN accredited

‘Safe use of Cut-off Saws including Abrasive Wheels’, you are required to complete the STIHL Trainer course.

The NOCN course can be delivered at your own centre or on-site.

Apprentices in trades that use a Cut-off Saw require training in the use of these machines under Apprenticeship Standards. The NOCN ‘Safe use of Cut-off Saws including Abrasive Wheels’ course will give them that certificate. This requires Tutors to complete the STIHL  Trainer course.

For Disc Cutters, the NOCN ‘Safe use of Cut-off Saws including Abrasive Wheels’ certificate replaces the long-standing Abrasive Wheels Certificate. Companies requiring certification for operators can use this accredited course. Approved trainers need to complete the STIHL Trainer course.

The course for you!

The STIHL two 2-day Cut Off Saw Course is for trainers who meet the qualification criteria required by the NOCN to deliver their COS Operator Training Course. Trainers passing this two day course will receive NOCN course data for delivery across the industry.


2 day STIHL Cut-Off Saw Train the Trainer

Booking Individually or

small groups up to 3 people

£360 per delegate

If you are an INDIVIDUAL or SMALL GROUP up to 3

Tutors or Trainers, we will book you onto an existing course

in your area or set up a new course that will include other individuals or other small groups


2 day STIHL Cut-Off Saw Train the Trainer

Group Bookings of 4 to 8 people

£360 per delegate

If you are a GROUP of between 4 and 8 Tutors or Trainers,

we will book a course of your own. We will agree a date and venue that suits you. The venue will need to fit the criteria required by STIHL including a suitable training room and outside working space.

To deliver NOCN Training, you will need  the personal training  qualifications required by the training organisation


 For information on                personal qualifications click here…


 For information on on-site and off-site requirements click here…

All Course Content includes:
  • Health and Safey click here…

  • Abrasive wheel and diamond blade training

  • Cut Off Saw pre-user checks

  • Practical training on setting up and preparing to use a Cut-Off Saw

  • Practical training on techniques when using a Cut-Off Saw

  • Things to do and things to avoid when using a Cut-Off Saw

  • Practical help from manufacturers

  • The Use of Accessories, Battery Cut-Off Saw and the STIHL TS440


The new Apprenticeship Standards are being used by employers and training providers from 2019 to develop the ‘on the job and off the job training provision for apprentices. These Standards are the basis for the Assessment Plans that are used by End Point Awarding Organisations when assessing the apprentices once they have passed through the task ‘gateway’.


In the Bricklayer Standard, the Core Skills of operatives includes the ‘Safe use of ‘disc cutters’ and power cutters.


In the Roofer Standard, the Core Skills of operatives requires them to ‘Set-up, check and operate power tools’ (including cut-off saws) and to ‘maintain and store tools’

In the Horticulture and Landscape Operative Standard, for the Landscape Construction Role, the Core Skills of operatives includes ‘the safe use of abrasive wheels for cutting hard landscape materials during construction’.

In the Steel Fixer Standard the core skill of operatives will have the skill to be able to demonstrate the ability to cut reinforcing steel



For all these apprentices to pass this gateway they will be required to demonstrate to their training provider and End Point Assessor that they are competent to use these machines.

The NOCN 'Safe Use of Cut-Off Saw (including Abrasive Wheels) Certificate provides this.

The NOCN Certificate will help apprentices to be confident using the equipment and they can show their certificate when being observed by the independent assessor assigned by the End Point Assessment Organisation during their final Assessment.

The STIHL Cut-Off Saw Tutor Training will enable colleges to professionally deliver the required level of Cut-Off Saw training and follow STIHL training standards.


Through successful completion, tutors can deliver the NOCN Cut-Off Saw training required by the apprentices