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Cut-Off Saws (COS) Training

Cut-Off Saws (COS) are widely used across the construction industry for cutting stone and steel.


STIHL GB have worked with SKANSKA to develop a training programme to promote the safe use of cut off saws across the construction industry.

Until now, training for the use of these saws has largely been limited to holding an Abrasive Wheels Certificate as proof of training. That course only trains in selecting the correct abrasive wheel for the material being cut and correctly fitting it to the machine.

STIHL Cut-Off Saw (COS) Training is the complete knowledge of how to check, set up and operate the machine.


At Construction Training Services we exclusively deliver the STIHL courses and are supported by both STIHL and NOCN to ensure the highest standards in Cut-Off Saw (COS) Training.


The Operator Training is a ½ day (5 hour) course endorsed and managed by NOCN Group through their SiteRight courses under CSkills Awards. The operator course covers the checking and setting up of the machine together with the practical training in safe operating. The course also has three optional additional modules dealing with Accessories, Battery Cut-Off Saws, and the Stihl TS440.


To deliver the Operator Training under NOCN endorsement, Trainers and College Tutors are required to attend the STIHL Train the Trainer 2-day course to learn and understand the correct aspects in the use of the machine to deliver the NOCN standards in operator training and the best practice recommended by STIHL as a manufacturer.


A third course is the STIHL 1-day Assessor and Refresher course aimed at Site Managers and Site Health and Safety Managers to train them to understand and see that machines are used safely on their sites. This 1-day course can also be attended as a refresher for trainers who want to bring their knowledge up to date and to align their understanding and training to the recommended practice of the manufacturer.

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All Course Content includes:
  • Health and Safey click here…

  • Abrasive wheel and diamond blade training

  • Cut Off Saw pre-user checks

  • Practical training on setting up and preparing to use a Cut-Off Saw

  • Practical training on techniques when using a Cut-Off Saw

  • Things to do and things to avoid when using a Cut-Off Saw

  • Practical help from manufacturers

  • The Use of Accessories, Battery Cut-Off Saw and the STIHL TS440

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