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NOCN Certificate - Safe Use of Cut-Off Saws
                             (including abrasive wheels)

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The NOCN Certificate for ‘Safe Use of Cut-Off Saws (including Abrasive Wheels)

Gives Operators the understanding and practical learning to safely use a cut-off saw. The certificate is based around the Petrol Driven Cut-Off Saw, however the courses also includes an overview of other machines and accessories that make up a more complete awareness. The Certificate is valid for 5 years

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NOCN Certificate

Safe Use of Cut-Off Saws

(including Abrasive Wheels)

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We deliver courses on-site, at your own training centre or at our training center for up to 8 operators on each course. In summer we can also deliver two courses in one day.

£120 plus vat per Operator

This course includres:

  • The Legal Requirements for the use of Petrol Driven Cut-Off Saw including HASAWA, PUWER and COSHH Regulations

  • Checking the machine and selecting the correct blade/wheel

  • Fuelling, starting and hands-on experience in the safe use of the machine.

  • In addition, the course demonstrates the use of other machines including fuel injection and battery machines

  • Use of accessories to improve efficiency and easy handling.

The certificate is a pass or fail and is valid for 5 years

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A Face Fit Test and Certificate is a way to prove that the mask an operator is wearing fits correctly.

There are different types of mask that can be worn as protection against SILICA DUST whist cutting with a Cut-Off Saw (Disc Cutter). Some will not Face Fit as well as others and so it is important to the operator and their employer to ensure any Personal Mask does not let contaminents past the seal between the mask and the face.

For protection against SILICA DUST in construction, face masks fall into two groups:

    1. Tight Fitting Facepiece

            With this group there are two type of mask,

               a) Those that are Non-Reusable (NR) and should

                    be replaced every day.

               b) Those that are Reusable (R) with replacable

                    filters  and require filter changes after around

                    28 days

     2. Loose Fitting Hood

            These are full face protection and maintain a

             positive pressue by way of a filtered fan system.

             These would be generally worn by operators with

              facial hair when a tight fitting face piece will not



​Face Fit Test and Certification can be carried out on-site or as can be inluded as part of the Cut-Off Saw Train the Trainer or NOCN Operator Training

We will liase with the employer to agree the type of masks that will be used for testing and certification and these will form the basis of the face fit. If non of these masks fit an operator, other alternatives will be used.

Operators will be required to arrive for testing clean shaven. Anyone not clean shaven cannot be fitted and would be refused testing. In order to maintain the validation of any face fit, operators would need to remain clean shaven.

Foe more information about Face Fit you can click on this link : and click on the free download


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